We help nonprofits, government agencies, foundations and social ventures achieve bold goals. Strategic Planning. Branding. Marketing and Communication. Web Development and Digital Marketing. Integrated Social Marketing Campaigns. Advertising Agency Services. This work has changed lives. And, it has changed the future  for many social purpose organizations. Explore our global and local case studies below.

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Spay and Neuter for Animal Welfare

Our FIXED AND FABULOUS social marketing campaign for the Delaware Office of Animal Welfare encourages families with low incomes to get their pets “fixed”- at very low cost. The results, and the pets, are fabulous!

Indigenous Designs Fair Trade Trace Tool

We helped grow the Indigenous brand. We worked on brand identity, and built a unique garment hang tag. Its QR code-driven mobile application shows buyers the artisan, a supply chain map, and the social impact of their purchase.

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Worldways Local

Dedicated to Rhode Island, Aquidneck Island & Newport

Worldways Local is how we take sides close to home. We provide strategic planning and marketing agency services to Rhode Island foundations and nonprofits on a pro-bono or discounted fee for service basis.

RI’s Now on the Map for Best Charter Fishing

We worked with the Captains who lead the RI Charter Vessel Marketing Association to create the Bites and Sights Website and marketing campaign. Now, everyone knows RI has the best charter fishing in the Northeast!

Getting Folks Out for RI Land Trust Days

Through a new brand identity, Website and social media campaign, people now come out in droves for Land Trust Days. Inspired by Executive Director Rupert Friday, the campaign implores Discover Your True Nature.

Boosting Newport’s Broadway District

We branded and promoted Newport’s eclectic Broadway District as the “place where the locals are,” creating buzz, traffic and an ever-growing annual Broadway Street Fair. Join us, and buy, eat, and live like a local!

Winning Strategy for 12 Meter Charters

We helped 12 Meter Charters grow their local landmark business through winning social marketing and Web strategies. Working closely with the 12 Meter team, we’re boosting bookings on their renowned America’s Cup yachts.

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