Walk into just about any WIC program site throughout Louisiana, and you’ll find a warm welcome, a sense of community, and families creating their own healthy futures. If you are a WIC participant, you hold WIC in high regard. However, many eligible non-participants are not aware of WIC. Or, consider it a “poor people’s program” that just offers food supplements. This campaign tells the true WIC story to all, using the voices of real WIC participants and providers. The theme, WIC is food, family and fun, says it all.

WIC Website

The WIC website offers something for prospective participants, participants, the provider community and food retail partners. At the core of the content is the WIC Lifestyle section. More than a program, WIC is a healthy way of living, and the site offers recipes, health tips and more. The site also simplifies the enrollment process.

Visit the WIC website 

WIC Overview Video

The WIC video features families who are WIC program participants and WIC program staff. The power of this video is that it is unscripted. This is WIC in the words of those who are living proof of the promise of the WIC program. This video has been shared throughout the country by the national WIC program, and is featured online, and in the lobbies of many provider sites. View the video above by clicking the play arrow, or find on YouTube or the WIC website.

WIC Digital Marketing Campaign

The Louisiana WIC digital marketing campaign was research-driven, creatively tested, and as a result, leveraged a limited marketing budget to address those most in need of the WIC program. Initial research showed the geographies where WIC was under-enrolled, and identified breastfeeding moms and families with eligible children over the age of 1 as those who were most under-enrolled. Creative A/B testing narrowed ads down. The demo/geo-targeted campaign ran on the Facebook/Instagram platform from August through December 2018 at a cost of about $ 20,000. The ad flight targeted both providers who could refer to WIC, and WIC-eligible consumers. It generated over 1.5 million impressions and 20,000 clicks at a slightly lower than average cost per click. Here is a sampling of the range of ads, also featuring staff and WIC participants:

WIC Staff Education Materials

A significant part of this campaign included laying the foundation for its sustainability. Sustainability means making sure that the Louisiana WIC program staff throughout the state could conduct outreach and make best use of the communication tools. In addition to training select staff members, a variety of tools and instructional media were provided. These included an Outreach Kit, and educational items like How to Use the Outreach Kit, Understanding the Media Campaign and How to Use the Website. These are illustrated below:

Creative Brief for NAGC to Review