Enjoy your visit of 3 Posts sent to renew your holiday spirit, and give you something to read while procrastinating holiday shopping.

Post of Xmas Past:
The U. S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program has a mission: to collect new, unwrapped toys from October through December each year, and distribute those toys as Christmas gifts to less fortunate children in the community. This is made possible by public donations.

Now while the collection and distribution of toys is usually handled by the closest Marine Corps Reserve Unit, the communities without a Reserve Unit depend on us, the public, to help and get the word out and organize our own collection for the kids.

So to help in the promotion, TFT annually makes posters available for the communities to use in their effort. The designs are meant to inspire giving during this time of need.

We love charity and we love design, so obviously we loved looking at how different designers and illustrators have addressed the TFT poster.

Here’s a view of the posters over the years!



Post of Xmas Present:
More and more people are making the effort to “Do-It-Yourself”. The current generation can order services and products with a swipe of the finger. But thanks to social networking, increasing numbers are taking the step to do things old school.

They’re watching YouTube videos on how to change their own car battery, reading blog instructions on to reusing material to make pet toys, and teaching themselves trades they’d normally learn automatically decades ago.

Recycling has become the major star of the DIY revival. Salvaging products for other purposes, and refurbishing others for new uses. Check out this homemade Christmas tree made by Eric Dalpiaz out of assorted materials, and not a single tree.


Post of Xmas Future:
Architects For Humanity is constantly working towards injecting a dose of positive social change into a community by both designing and building a key sustainable asset to the area. The selfless contribution by architectural designers makes it possible for their work to be followed through. Projects have ranged from football fields for South African towns with active youths, schools in Sri Lanka, and much needed village housing in Pakistan.

Their future projects include the development of a sustainable school in Haiti. The Architecture for Humanity Haiti-team conducted a concept charrette with the students of the vocational school Elie Dubois in downtown Port-au-Prince. The school design will incorporate student input and ambitions as part of its historic retrofit and new construction. The sustainable aspects of the project include respecting existing construction and materials (repair and infill instead of demolishing and building back new), carefully study water drainage (divert all roof water to landscaping and or cisterns), and using locally resourced materials and labor (providing training for quality concrete and masonry construction).

The reconstruction of the new classroom blocks and the restoration of the historic buildings on the campus will be supported by Barefoot Foundation and Foundation CINA, while Architects For Humanity use their super-design-powers to make the project a success. Hopefully by this time next year over 200 students and the nun faculty will have a fully functioning educational center, a large part coming from the generosity of a few architects and designers looking to change things for the better.