When I was working on a marketing project for Water for People, I became convinced that clean, safe drinking water was one of most important social impact investments that can be made to help people in the developing world. And it was a bucket that helped convince me.

Before you head out to work one morning, find one of these five gallon buckets. Fill it with water (fill weight about 40 lbs.) Give it to your kid. And have her take a walk with it before school. Not a short one either. Make it at least four hours worth. Better yet, really try it yourself, see how long you last. Why? In many parts of the world, this is what people-mainly girls and women do every day-often three to six hours round trip-to fetch clean water for their families. The work is hard, and the price is huge-often a girl’s education and her future in exchange for water, as there is no time for school.

Investing in clean, safe drinking water close to home is a highly leveraged social investment. It can help eradicate a myriad of water-borne diseases. It can free up time for education, and time for economic growth and can contribute toward gender equality. And, it can transform the quality of life for entire communities.

So, in honor of World Water Week, take a little time to make your “bucket list” of organizations you will support in the year ahead. For starters, take a close look at our friends at Water for People, Water.Org and Charity: Water.

What other organizations would YOU add to the list?