What social innovation could possibly challenge centuries of violence, oppression and injustice endured by women in the routine course of their daily lives? It’s been said that silence is golden. However, for millions of women throughout the world, it has been deadly. Enter World Pulse.

I recently met founder Jensine Larsen and was instantly engaged by her uplifting and hopeful spirit, and her work to help women everywhere speak up, speak out and unite as a powerful force for change. She’ll be the first to tell you, World Pulse is not about her. It is about the growing ranks of World Pulse “citizen journalists” who, often at great risk to themselves, are finding Internet cafés, cell phones and other means to connect to the World Pulse network with their firsthand accounts of tragedies and triumphs. It is about the partners and sponsors who are helping to amplify these women’s voices. And, it is about the rest of us who can choose to listen often and listen carefully, and then act on what we know to be right and just.

In my view, World Pulse was a wildly disruptive-albeit long overdue-social innovation that offers powerful lesson to others seeking to scale their social impact.

For one, its value proposition is distinctive and compelling-create a powerful, scalable way for all of us to “view global issues through the eyes of women.”

For another, it harnesses the power of partnership-partnerships with millions of women throughout the world and partnerships with those whose resources can help amplify their voices.

And, it leverages technology for social good, employing a variety of social technologies and networking tools to connect women wherever they are and whatever their means.

World Pulse is now well on the way to becoming the largest interactive network of women in the world, creating a rising pulse of women’s empowerment .

I believe that the power of voice is a formidable force for social change. And, I believe that World Pulse is proving that it works on exceptional scale. What do you think? – MM