More than half the people on Earth live within 120 miles (193 kilometers) of the ocean. Oceans are a major source for job creation; in fact over three billion people depend on marine and coastal resources for their livelihoods. In addition, oceans are crucial for global food security and human health. They are also crucial in regulating our global climate, providing us with the water and oxygen we need. However, our oceans can’t provide an endless supply of resources if we don’t take strides to protect it. And when we’re dumping trash or oil into the ocean (much of which comes from land-based activities), overfishing fished species before they can replace themselves, and disregarding protected areas thus altering its unique ecosystem, we are depleting this vital resource quickly and severely.

For the April Greenhouse Gathering at our office here in Newport, we were fortunate enough to have Volvo Ocean Race Marketing Subcommittee member Martha Parker and Sustainability Director at Sailors for the Sea Tyson Bottenus speak about the sustainable practices being put into place at the Racing Village at Fort Adams in Newport.

During their talk, Martha and Tyson discussed how sustainability has been a resounding theme that was consciously weaved into the Stopover. At the racing village, biodiesel from local area businesses and restaurants was used in the Race Village generators and Volvo team boats to encourage the use of low emissions. While spectators walked around Race Village, education about the impact of marine debris and the importance of stopping plastic pollution at the source was seen through tongue-in-cheek posters, various lectures, and MaxMan, the Recycling Superhero. Instead of plastic bottles, the use of reusable water bottles was encouraged and water-filling stations were made available. Post-event, a large-scale cleanup was held around Fort Adams State Park to ensure that the park was left cleaner than before the event.

We support these endeavors to weave in sustainability on both land and sea with sport. The efforts to keep ocean and marine life healthy and thriving are also present through our client’s work, including How are you a steward of the ocean?

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