Would you opt to take a drink from a glass of water if you knew it was once human poop? Bill Gates gladly accepted the challenge, and hopes millions of others will with an invention that burns human waste to produce electricity and water.

Gates has long had an interest in providing clean water to those who lack it, which according to the World Health Organization, is 1.8 billion people. This dearth of clean water is largely due to the estimated 1 billion people who still defecate in the open, an issue that leads to water contamination and other health issues, including diarrheal disease — which is the second leading cause of death of children under 5.

As many of these developing countries lack the resources and it’s a complicated process to introduce Western toilets into their communities, Gates has been investing his time and faith into projects like the Omniprocessor, developed by Seattle-based engineering firm Janicki Bioenergy. The machine converts poop into drinking water with a processor that powers itself through the use of a steam engine and because it runs at such a high temperature, the water doesn’t emit a suspect odor.

The first piloting of the project will occur in Dakar, Senegal later this year. Click here to learn more about this fascinating invention: http://bit.ly/1wjp9mM

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