Worldways has been committed to spreading positive social values since its inception. When co-founder Mark Marosits heard about the Million Father March, he decided to take side and write the blog post below. We hope that you’ll read and share!

By Mark Marosits

“The Black Star Project is a strong voice for transforming lives in communities of color through social resolve, education and positive values. Regardless of who you are or where you come from, their message about the powerful impact that is possible when personal and societal responsibility are both embraced to bring about change demands an ear. Take education. They say “schools cannot educate children without the support of parents, families and communities.  Good teachers and administrators are invaluable to the educational process, but they are not miracle workers.  Schools, by themselves, do not educate children; they simply reinforce and expand what children already know when they come to school.  What happens in a school is important; but just as important is what happens in the home and the community where the child lives.  Societal structures, value systems, cultures, institutions, and positive environments are powerful influencers of education in children.  Good schools seldom (if ever) create good communities; but good communities usually create good schools!  Active and involved parents, families, communities are necessary to educate children.” One current initiative backed by the Black Star Project is the Million Father March. It invites fathers, grandfathers, godfathers, male caregivers to take the children in their lives to their first day of school, and to stay involved throughout the school year. They encourage employers to make this effort possible, and they encourage everyone regardless of gender or ethnicity to provide support.

I have been very fortunate to have had the support of many men throughout my life, and now have the honorable role of father and grandfather to 4 males. Regardless of our walk in life, we can all help young men to grow up strong and positive. Check out the Black Star Project to see if your city is participating in the March on its first day of school. If not, there may still be time to make it happen. On the site is also a sample of a letter that can be sent to employers and others.  March or not…take the Million Father Pledge:

  • I will take my children or a child to school and I will be at a school on the first day to encourage all children to do their best every day at school.
  • I am responsible for the education of my child.
  • I will volunteer at my child’s school ten hours this school year.
  • I will pick up my child’s progress report or grade report when required.
  • I will meet with my child’s teachers at least two times this year and support them in educating my child.
  • I will mentor my child or a child and I will teach children the values of education and family as well as the value of life.
  • I will work with my child’s mother or guardian to achieve the best academic and social outcomes for my child even if I do not live with my child.”