Would you opt to have your next doctor’s visit via video if you weren’t able to see him or her in person? According to a recent online poll, you might be surprised to find that more than half of patients would opt to turn their doctor’s into a virtual one given the opportunity.

In a recent article published by MobiHealthNews, sixty four percent of adults aged 18 and up would be willing to participate in a video visit with a doctor. Of those that were willing to take a video visit, 61 percent cited that it was due to the added convenience. Other factors polled by respondents included how long they had seen their regular doctor and what patients would prefer to do if they or a loved one had an immediate medical emergency, such as a high fever. Affordability also was a concern to a majority of the respondents, with 62 percent noting that these video visits should be cheaper than an in-person doctor’s visit.

As we here at Worldways are aware that digital technology and social media are transforming essential hospitals, managed care plans and public health agencies alike, this article raised several interesting questions for us. Could this be the future of healthcare as we know it? We have already seen the rise of using technology such as iPads to collect our health information, so this may be a logical next step for healthcare practices around the world to adopt. But, can a doctor’s visit really be as effective if they are not physically there to examine a patient? What do you think of turning your next doctor’s visit into a virtual one? Let us know what you think!

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