Social media has shifted its position from the want list to the need list for many organizations. Over time, organizations have learned to embrace the need for social media but have yet to understand the resources that are needed to implement a successful social media strategy. To help our clients and friends understand the work we do here at Worldways we created a custom infographic. Our Social Media Work Flow infographic is broken down into the three levels of work we do : strategy, maintenance, and metrics & reporting. The bigger the gear the more time and resources it takes up. The strategy section is calculated in overall hours during the planning stages. The maintenance, metrics and reporting are measured in weekly hours.

The blue gears on the infographic represent strategy. This aspect of our job consists of researching the industry at hand, developing communication strategy, creating platforms, building a follower base, integrating campaigns and creating an editorial calendar, which encompasses the designing of relevant messaging, contests, promotions and applications.

Maintenance, represented by the green gears, consists of closely watching the social media sites associated with the client and monitoring mentions, shares and conversations as well as responding to such content. We also manage editorial calendars, share curated content, create graphics for posts, manage and plan for blogs. The maintenance sector of our job also consists of incidental management which pertains to damage control, real-time problem solving and managing unscheduled posts.

Lastly the red gears signify metrics and reporting. Our team complies detailed reports of the quality, efficiency, performance and progress of the plans in place. We also review engagement, measure returns on paid advertising and then finally assess the necessary changes to support the best overall results.

Social media takes time, research and work in order to operate properly and effectively.  We take into consideration all aspects of the field and work accordingly to plan and develop the sites we manage, for our clients, to their full potential. Take a look at our infographic for more detailed information on the work we do here at Worldways Social Marketing!  Let us know if we can help you plan your next social media strategy!

Comment below, which part of the work takes up most of your time?