Breast Cancer Awareness Month may be coming to a close, but the fight against breast cancer continues. As awareness grows, so do the opportunities for helping those affected by the disease. Social media has become a useful tool in the fight against breast cancer, and this year has seen many new social media campaigns or networks come to fruition. We rounded up some of our favorite social media campaigns we saw blossom during the month of October!

Estée Lauder is using social media to raise money for research in the fight against breast cancer. Years ago, the cosmetics company started the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, which has raised $48 million dollars up until now and has pledged to raise $5 million more this year. The campaign has launched “circles of strength” which are groups that Facebook users can join or create to garner support for any cause. The campaign’s page also features an Instagram account and a Twitter.

We couldn’t possibly put social media and breast cancer in the same article without mentioning the Breast Cancer Social Media Community, or #BCSM. #BCSM is an online community that hosts a Twitter chat every Monday, from 6-7 pm, under the twitter handle @BCSMChat. Those who wish to participate are encouraged to use to connect. Chats center on a topic and ask participants to both ask and answer questions, and often include a professional in the field as a special guest.

Another resource for breast cancer is My Breast Cancer Team, which calls itself “The social network for women facing breast cancer” and aims to connect current patients and survivors of the disease across the country. Women display their age, location, type of breast cancer, and treatments on their profile. A Q&A forum allows women to answer each other’s questions and share common experiences. Women can also turn to other members for help finding the best healthcare professionals in their area. This social network allows women to find information, support, and friends with whom they share common ground all from the comfort of their own home.

These social media networks and campaigns are accessible and easy to use, traits that have helped them grow into significant channels of communication among breast cancer patients, survivors, and professionals. Overall, the use of social media is making it easier to gain awareness, build financial support, and create positive and helpful communities for anyone affected by breast cancer.  1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime; join the conversation today!