According the World Bank 1.2 billion people live without access to electricity, that’s about 20% of the global population. The vast majority of these people live in the poorest regions of the world, mainly in Africa’s poorest nations and India. Also according to the World Bank, to deliver universal access to electricity by 2030 it would cost 35-40 billion dollars in capital investment a year. Let’s presume that this happens, how would these poor countries be able to keep it up? Electricity, like many of our world’s most pressing issues, call for solutions that are sustainable. It is in the spirit of sustainability and creativity that four Harvard alumni developed the energy harnessing Soccket ball to light up the undeveloped world!

The Soccket is a regulation sized soccer ball that transforms kinetic energy into electricity. How, you ask? When the Soccket rolls or bounces, a magnetic slug slides back and forth inside an inductive coil in the ball, generating power that is stored in a capacitor. Typically, 30 minutes of play with the Soccket yields enough energy for about three hours of light. The ball has the capacity to hold charge for up to 72 hours of light. Once you are done playing, simply plug a LED lamp into the ball and light up the world!

The ball weighs 17 ounces, which is only 1 ounce more than a normal soccer ball, despite the fist sized technology pack that is tucked inside to generate the electrical charge. The ball is made out of 95% recyclable, yet extremely durable parts. Unlike traditional soccer balls, the Soccket does not have an air sac that can easily be ruptured; instead, it is stuffed with two types of foam encased in vinyl to protect the technology pack and to increase the lifespan of the product.

Don’t play soccer? Uncharted Play is working on developing other products with the same capability as the Soccket. So far prototypes for American footballs, skateboard and jumping ropes have been have been developed, and Uncharted Play is open to new product suggestions! If you have a cool idea, you can share it with them and be a part of the movement to light up the world through play!

The innovative ball is currently made in the United States, but Uncharted Play, the maker of the Soccket, is looking to expand to more local markets around the world to help keep shipping costs low and create more jobs.

The Soccket is an inventive product that combines play with cutting edge technology to make the world a better place. Children and adults everywhere have the ability to harness energy and address real world issues through the kinetic energy of soccer- the world’s most popular sport. We are going to pick up one as soon as it becomes available for sale!

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