Of course, it matters that what we wear looks good. But why not have what we wear DO good, too? My friends at INDIGENOUS Designs have built their company on a simple promise-to create fashion that honors people and planet. Everything they produce is organic and fair trade. They support over 1500 artisans in the developing world who hand-make all INDIGENOUS garments. They  work closely with organic farmers and protect the environment. They’re ensuring that their customers look good, and feel good too.

Their new brand look featuring fashion, artisans and icons that authenticate their fair trade and organic commitment is a reminder to customers to “shop mindfully”. It is a simple, yet powerful idea for marketing social impact: give every customers something beautiful, AND invite them to think about the impact their purchase will make. INDIGENOUS will be making that extra-easy this Fall, when all garments will ship with a QR code that lets customers see who made their garment and where it came from. Isn’t it time we ALL thought about what we were buying and how it impacts the rest of the world? See the new INDIGENOUS videos on our YouTube channel.