LIVE HEALTHY WEEK…Courtesy of NBA/WNBA FIT, a program of NBA Cares

January 24th– February 1st 2013 is “LIVE HEALTHY WEEK” sponsored by NBA/WNBA FIT. NBA/WNBA FIT is an initiative started by “NBA Cares” to promote fitness and health to children and families through physical activity. The program is utilizing players to engage with, inform and educate children and families about healthy living practices! Currently, there are over 1 million participants in the program.

I love this initiative because of the impact it can have just through the fame of the NBA and WNBA. We strongly support good health and those making an effort to promote healthy lifestyles. NBA/WNBA FIT offers FREE fitness resources for kids and adults to make strides in healthy living and safe fitness workouts. There are also nutrition guidelines and other programs offered to address specific health issues.

I support this initiative and applaud this mission. Especially when it comes to targeting children! We have run successful campaigns in child health and address childhood obesity in the past, and we understand the challenges of childhood behavior change efforts. I applaud the NBA for recognizing the impact that professional athletes can have on children, young adults and even moving into adults..and then leveraging that opportunity to make a positive change. Positive role model behavior has been hard to come by in the professional sports world in past years, and this is a GREAT start at changing that reputation.

It is encouraging to see athletes as positive role models, actively participating in these programs and making a difference in communities using their talent and skills. The influence such impactful role models can have on kids and families is enormous. Thanks to the NBA/WNBA FIT Team who play a large role in attending grassroots fitness events to promote the NBA FIT mission and involvement. The NBA FIT Team includes current athletes, legends and coaches including: Harrison Barnes, Tyson Chandler, Goran Dragic, Kevin Love, Wes Matthers, Chandler Parsons, John Wall, Nick Anderson, Muggsy Bogues, Bruce Bowen, Tamika Catchings, Nneke Ogwumike, Cappie Pondexter, Erik Spoelstra and Steve Hess. But many others have been involved in the programs and all players are sporting NBA FIT Gear this week, along with game apparel, to show support for the program.

(” Blake Griffin participating in activities with the kids.”)

And thanks to our old friends Nemours for the involvement of providing health information. We loved working with you on reversing childhood obesity in Delaware..with Nemours Health and Prevention Services & our Campaign to Make Delaware’s Kids the Healthiest in the Nation!.. And it’s great to see the efforts continued on a national level.