Attachment to your phone… first world pain; Clean drinking water… developing world pain. What do these have in common? Everywhere you turn, there is an article about ditching your phone or tablet and go for day of detoxing from technology. Likewise, there always seems to be a new campaign to provide clean drinking water to the developing world.

Well, lo and behold someone thought of a campaign allows you to take the much-needed break from technology while providing clean drinking water to the world… without any cost to you. Yes, you read it right. No donation is being asked, although, they will accept it if you are up to just making the donation.

The UNICEF Tap Project wants you to take the challenge and see how long you can go without your phone. Here is how:

  1. Visit on your phone
  2. Begin the challenge and see how long you can go without touching your phone
  3. For every 10 minutes you last without touching your phone, a UNICEF Tap Project sponsor will fund a day of clean water

If you don’t touch your phone throughout an 8-hour workday you can provide up to 48 days of clean water… think about that!

Are you up for it? Take the challenge and let us know how you do!