We often forget how lucky we are. January is Poverty Awareness Month, and as an agency who focuses on poverty as a big social challenge to overcome, we thought we would shine a little positive light on the topic by sharing some of the efforts put forth by our clients to take on this issue.  We have worked with many wonderful folks who have created ways to address different levels of poverty and promote economic development.

We have worked with FREEDOM FROM HUNGER to promote social enterprise in Ghana. Freedom From Hunger has successfully helped millions of women throughout the world lift themselves out of poverty. We co-developed the HealthKeepers brand and were able to work on the ground in Ghana to kick off this initiative. With this campaign, FREEDOM FROM HUNGER has enabled the “HealthKeeper women” to own their own micro-businesses through which they are able to make a living by selling health product as well as share health knowledge with the rest of the community.

INDIGENOUS, a fair trade and organic fashion company has also made great strides outside the U.S. in alleviation of poverty. INDIGENOUS’ uniquely chic designs require the beautiful work of artisan knitting and weaving to yield their products. These talented artisans are paid fair trade wages and work with low-impact dies and organic fabrics. Economic development in areas of Peru has been generated through the employment of these artisans by INDIGENOUS. We are currently working with INDIGENOUS to promote the impactful stories of these artisans through various social media efforts, artisan videos, and the Trace Tool.

Another friend we have worked with, MOZAMBIKES, is working very hard to increase the economic development and health of rural Mozambique through the use of bicycles. MOZAMBIKES is committed to improving quality of life to the people of rural Mozambique through developing the bicycle industry. The MOZAMBIKES BRAND is promoting major benefits including the increased income levels through ability to transport goods and travel farther in short periods, as well as easier access to health care and schools. Not to mention,  helping established businesses grow in urban Mozambique by offering branding and guerilla marketing opportunities. We have worked with MOZAMBIKES to develop both traditional and digital marketing strategies to promote the brand and it’s initiative, as well as provided insigts on other areas of business development. We have also worked on social media activities, content development and creative assets!

We could go on for days applauding all of our clients, friends or partners who work very hard toward making an impact with poverty alleviation efforts. These are just a few!  We enjoy working with these wonderful organizations and look forward to continuing these initiative in the future!