The Kardashians, Justin Bieber, and One Direction, what do they all have in common? They are masters of PR and product promotion. But, the question is, “Why does their nonsense seem to concern the public more than substantial issues?” Is there a way to take over the media world for the greater good? Maybe the world cares more about the latest pop culture, rather than achieving a sustainable world. Then again, maybe not.

Popular shows like Modern Family and Orange is the New Black are working with causes that align with their plot line.  Orange is the New Black has strategically raised awareness about the word gap. In one episode a couple converses about the importance of talking, reading, and singing to their baby. Modern Family has also received notable recognition for portraying Jay (Sofia Vergara’s beau on the show) as a stable and well-adjusted veteran

In the ABC show, How to Get Away with Murder, an episode depicted a gay couple getting tested for HIV before they took their relationship to the next level. The potentially controversial topic took the social media world by storm. One man tweeted that the show enticed him to get tested. He explained to the nurse that the show lured him in, she responded, “you’re the fifth guy to say that, and we’ve only been open an hour.”

You can put your cause in front of millions of viewers without being a celebrity, using transparent advertising, or partnering with big name TV shows. Our Kicks Count campaign in Delaware encourages pregnant women to seek immediate help if their baby is not kicking. Delaware is now a model for other states in preventing infant deaths thanks to the campaign. This program and others have been able to lower the state’s infant mortality rate by 13%.  What’s our secret? We use the facts to entice behavior change and connect our data to real people. The public respects the insight we connect them to AND our utilization of the digital world strengthens this connection. Perhaps it is hopeful thinking, but in a world seemingly full of disaster it seems reasonable to say people are yearning for authenticity and valuable insight more than ever? Cause marketing is one way to do it, but we want to know your thoughts.

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