As part of our Go Red for American Heart Month, we at Worldways will be bringing you our favorite heart health campaigns throughout the month. We will start with what is perhaps the most well-known campaign during this month: Go Red for Women!

Did you wear red on February 1st? Did you enjoy the magic 20% off at Macy’s for wearing red? If you did, you were part of a big movement on February 1st.  The Go Red for Women campaign was developed to raise awareness of heart attack as the number one killer of women. This year the American Heart Association celebrated the 10th Annual Go Red for Women. Landmarks like The Empire State Building and Macy’s tower Herald Square were lit red to spread awareness. Countless celebrities and other public figures, throughout the years, have signed on to the campaign. What is it about this campaign that makes it such a hit?

We believe the Go Red for Women campaign to be popular because of the message, appeal and call for action. In 2004 the campaign set out to change the thinking that heart attack is an old man’s disease and spread the message that heart attack is the number one killer of women; not car accidents or breast cancer. The call for action is so simplistic that anyone can do it and doesn’t require a tremendous amount of effort. In the busy world we live in, we like things to remain simple and wearing a red piece of clothing is as simple as it gets. Perhaps the most powerful component of the campaign is the appeal to do something for the women in your life. Everyone has a woman in their life they can wear red for. The Go Red for Women campaign is a perfect example of the use of marketing to generate social impact.

The true success of the campaign can be seen on its impact. According to the Go Red for Women website, since its launch in 2004, 21% fewer women die from heart disease, 23% more women are aware that heart disease is their number one health threat, and other improvements in legislation to help end gender disparities have been made.

Check out the YouTube video that summarizes the progresses made in 10 years of fighting heart disease!

As the campaign celebrates its 10th anniversary, we celebrate its successes. We are also joining in to spread the awareness. The more we know, the better prepared we are. Our social media channels wore red on February 1st and will stay red throughout the month.