Design is extremely important to organizational growth! Organizations, especially those in the social impact sector, need to have an outstanding design that speaks to the consumer.  And that doesn’t just mean bright colored “packaging” and an interesting logo.

Being attractive is nice, being memorable is effective.

Creativity and design are two elements that matter to the consumer. Impressive experiences that meet the needs of the customer are the goal. Creating meaningful campaigns that meet these needs and gets the point across is the perfect balance for successful marketing of socially responsible businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Focus on creating a strong brand with innovative and engaging design. Once the design elements are put in place, create engaging campaigns that are going to stand out among all that other noise we are surrounded with. Implementing emotion into a creative campaign can be wildly effective and successful. Planting an idea into someone’s mind using distinctive imagery and clever wording will put get a message across to the audience that they will have a hard time forgetting.

Let’s consider The American Cancer Society’s “Fight for More Birthdays” campaign. This is a great creative idea that really connects with the target market. One might ask.. Who/what exactly is the target audience of the American Cancer Society. Well, perhaps a better question is.. who ISN’T?  Everyone who is fighting cancer is fighting for more of their own birthdays. Everyone who has ever lost a loved one to cancer is wishing that person could have had more birthdays. Everyone who is in jeopardy of ever having cancer will be fighting for more birthdays.

Frankly, this campaign is brilliant and is literally reaching every single person. Everyone has a birthday, and can relate to the message that this is sending out. It is probably safe to say that everyone in the U.S. has been affected by, or knows someone who has been affected by cancer. So this is really impactful in reaching the appropriate audiences that may or may not be suffering from any form of cancer.

The “Fight For More Birthdays” is a very well rounded campaign with both a website and a blog full of information and touching stories. Check it out! There is even an interactive spot on the site where you can choose from a large variety of vocal artists to personalize “happy birthday” videos, e-cards, phone calls and group e-cards to share with someone. There are a series of video stories depicting the different efforts in “the fight to save lives.” Contests, mobile apps, videos, testimonials, songs… you name – they put it out there to the world.

Check out to view all of the ways the American Cancer Society is changing the way we think, feel and act about cancer.