I came across an article on Mashable.com written by Melissa Jun Rowley titled “How Five Tech Giants Are Giving Back to Education.”

Microsoft, Intel, Comcast and the FCC, Time Warner Cable, and Hewlett Packard to name are among many of the tech and media companies driven to improve our children’s education. They have a common goal of creating a better future outlook for our youth all over the world by bringing means of technology to them.

Microsoft’s Shape the Future Initiative is a program dedicated to providing our youth with PCs, education software, and discounted broadband services, as well as job skills training to those in need. Intel has trained 10 million teachers in more than 70 different countries to fulfill its mission of bringing computers to young people in developing regions and training them how to use the computers in hopes of broadening their education opportunities. Comcast and the FCC have made it possible to receive low cost Internet service, discounted computers, and become eligible for free lunches through their Internet Essentials Program and National School Lunch Program. Time Warner Cable developed its Connect a Million Minds Campaign to show the importance of STEM education because young people’s interests in science, technology, engineering, and math have been declining over the years. Hewlett Packard also focuses on STEM teaching through its HP Catalyst Initiative by bringing together educational institutions and experts to lead this transformation.

Young, educated minds are the social entrepreneurs and social impact advocates of the future. Education is so important to the behavior change and social good industry, and support of education is certainly becoming more and more necessary. Bringing technology into education is arguably successful. The ease of implementing technology into current curriculum standards as we know them in the U.S. is undeniable. Especially because of the wide range of somewhat consistent availability of technological hardware and Internet access across the U.S. These tech and media giants are also exploring the use of technology across other countries, making sustainable efforts to provide education to children who would otherwise not be exposed to it. This is an amazing innovative way to spread education access using the capabilities of modern technology. Personally, I have been reading about the inclusion of iPads into the younger classrooms, for games related to reading, writing and creative thinking.

It is really great to see tech companies like these driving to share technology in hopes of helping the educational opportunities of others. Take the time to learn more in depth about the campaigns of all five of these companies.

Now is the time to take a stand on bettering the lives of today’s children because they are the future. Do you agree or disagree with the integration of technology in education? Personally, I feel that the integration of technology in education is a crucial learning tool that will enhance future development and growth. However, if we teach children to rely on technology so heavily at an early age, how will that affect their social interaction skills among their peers? Will they develop the key communication skills necessary to be confident leaders? These are important issues that need to be kept in mind as technology continues to advance.