Giving back and giving local are two ideologies we at Worldways are passionate about. Though our professional network spans across several continents, our roots here in the City of Newport are just as important to helping us grow and succeed.

Worldways is proud to take the side of the City of Newport and the Women’s Resource Center and their #CaptureNewport Mural project in the city’s famed Hunter Park. The City of Newport and the Women’s Resource Center took on the endeavor of beautifying this large, graffiti-filled retaining wall located at the far end of the park by working with local artists and community members to depict images of the city and some historic landmarks. Research shows that when community members are active and engaged in positive activities such as this project, domestic violence decreases.

To document and memorialize the project, the Worldways team created a time-lapse video of the mural from start to finish. View the video here and revel in the community spirit that took place that day: