Gamification is one of our technologically advancing world’s responses to the need for alternative and creative ways to impact behavior change and learning. Here at Worldways we have designed multiple games that promote such changes and education. In our May Newsletter, we highlighted two games, the My Big Money Game and the Wild West Bike Express, that we have recently developed for clients looking to bring about positive behavior change through games. Although games are typically designed to simply be played for “fun,” games like ours have a bigger and better purpose. Our games aim to promote people’s understanding of socially relevant concepts and adapt them in their own lives, in hopes of initiating waves of change.

As ever-curious marketers, we dug around and learned about two big gaming conferences that are sure to get your thumbs itching to play. This month from the 17-19th, the Games for Change festival will be rolling into New York City and is celebrating its 10th anniversary. This festival is the leading international event bringing together under one roof, the creators and those interested in socially impactful games. One of the highlighted games is the Half the Sky Facebook game we talked about in March on our blog! If you are in NYC this month check out the conference! Find out the details here.

Also this month, from June 26-28th the Games for Health Conference will be in taking place in Boston. Games for Health brings together game developers and health care professionals to advance gaming technologies and opportunities to create healthy impacts and change through these technologies. The creators of the popular mobile exercise game “Zombies, Run!” will be the keynote speakers and will dish all the details of how this game reached the success it did. Here is the schedule, if you want to check out the conference!