What’s your goal when you contribute time or money to a charity? Do you take the time to investigate the details of your social investment like you would a stock or bond – to choose the option with most resounding impact? According to Peter Singer, Princeton Philosopher, probably not. You’re not alone, most of us are on the feel good end of the social good investment spectrum, desiring to contribute but not weighting its impact. According to Peter Singer, quoted in an article by WGBH’s Innovation Hub, 70% of people who make a time or cash investment in nonprofits don’t bother to do research on that charity. Combine this with the fact that charities are a $300 billion dollar industry in the US alone, and needless to say, you have some social capital investment options.

With so many options, now’s the time to confirm or swap stocks for 2016.

You have a lot of options, and you want your contribution to matter. You’ve decided you want to do good, and not just feel good, but how do you decide? We have a solution, the Worldways Guide to Social Investment, so pull up the website of your current charity of choice and walk through our 4 part question progression with us.

The Worldways Guide to Social Investing:


The Worldways Social Investment Matrix

  1. What’s the Core?

What‘s the center/the mission/ the driving force of this charity? Is it clear? Are there many?

  1. Are they “Your People”?

Do you agree with, support, and feel fervor for it? If you had no time, but plenty of money would you give? If you had no money but plenty of time, would you still give?

  1. How are the Dividends?

How well and what does the charity do in actively perpetuating its core? Is it working?

  1. How does the Future look?

Where is it investing for the future? Is there a clear trajectory? Is there expected growth or change of scope?

Depending on the answers, you may find yourself even more interested and engaged in your charity of choice, or, making the switch to one where you will be. It’s here where we find that sweet spot where doing good brings along that wonderful moment of feeling good, and our whole community benefits.