The potential benefits from immediate communication in the hyper connected world we live in are limitless; people are sharing all kinds of information with each other online. In healthcare, like many other sectors, people are recognizing the benefits of people sharing information with each other online. Sean Ahrens, a Crohn’s patient, saw the opportunity to develop Crohnology, a patient centered information sharing platform for people with chronic medical conditions to talk about their experiences and help with the research for the cure of the disease.

Crohn’s is treated through trial and error.  Ahrens has the firsthand experience of fighting the disease. After extensive experimentation between different diets, supplements, medications and unconventional treatments, Sean knew he had something to share with the greater Crohn’s community. Crohnology is a place where each patient can share their own experimentation of remedies. According to the website, this is how the platform works:

1. Individuals build timelines composed of personal health and treatments

2. Participants are an active part of research by asking and answering questions and taking part in studies.

3. Crohnology shares the collective knowledge to the public.

Crowd-sourced technology like Crohnology allows the public health sphere to have a more informed understanding of the disease. As more people flock to Crohnology, the consolidated knowledge available to the public allows people afflicted with the disease to no longer feel isolated and offers a wealth of information to the public health professional. Patients learn from one another’s experiences and get practical advice that decreases the time to find a solution.  Ultimately, Crohnology and other technological tools like it are promoting more problem solving and less guessing.