A Boston Native is Taking on the $35 Billion Fur Industry by Sourcing Her Products from the Nation’s Roadways.

FUR. Just injecting the word into conversation at a dinner party brings up a mixed muff of emotions and opinions. There are those who detest and advocate for the end of the industry, those who love and buy without guilt, and some, who are in the middle, who love the luxurious feeling of fur in winter but who can’t justify the cruelty that turns the wheels of the industry. It’s with these latter two audiences in mind that Pamela Paquin created Petite Mort Furs, whose mission focuses on, “…respectfully resurrecting [the] 365 million wild animals killed on our roads every year, which are currently thrown away.”

Petite Mort doesn’t stop at creating custom and one-of-a-kind furs from roadkill, but goes further to donate unused furs to further wildlife education initiatives promoting educated and responsible decision making and gives a portion of their profits to funding wildlife underpasses, overall reducing the number of animals needlessly killed on our roadways each year.

Whether or not you’re trapped by your love of wearing fur in winter, we can all agree that social change in forms like Petite Mort are needed to stop animal cruelty, reduce careless disposal, and join us on the path to ethical and responsible consumption.