We love creative marketing, especially when it is combined with social good. On this World Water Day we bring you, what is one of the coolest forms of marketing that we have come across in recent times!

Mayo DraftFCB Lima, and ad agency, teamed up with the University of Engineering and Technology of Lima, Peru (UTEC) to create a billboard to recruit students for the University’s engineering program. But they weren’t interested in just any student. The University wanted students who are socially minded and creative!

The agency and the University created an unusual billboard that was sure to capture the hearts and minds of prospective students. The unique billboard was designed to transform humidity into clean, potable drinking water, while advertising for UTEC’s engineering program. Literally making water out of thin air! Well, technically it is dense air…

According to the promotional video, this is made possible through a process air filtering within the billboard that condenses the water through reverse osmosis. The water is stored in a tank and residents can use a faucet at the base of the billboard to dispense water. According to the agency’s website, the billboard produces around 100 liters of potable water every single day!

Let’s talk about perfect placement. The billboard is in the coastal Peruvian desert where drinking water is hard to come by. Hundreds of residents of the area now have access to clean drinking water.

We admire this kind of creativity and applaud those who are thinking outside of the box to accomplish such efforts!