I came across this article written by Scott Henderson titled, “3 Best Social Good Startup Accelertaors You’ve Never Heard Of.”

With the high unemployment level we are experiencing today the new generation of entrepreneurs are acknowledging the many issues and flaws in today’s institutions. Their goal is to change the world by creating new ventures that embrace transparency, agility, and innovation. SOUND FAMILIAR?

The key to the success of solving the problems facing humanity today is team work. This will require leadership from non-profits, companies, and individuals to unite on the social impact sector. This has lead to the development of new charities and social minded companies. These people are driven to solve the social problems that exist today and invest more into the communities around them. This is exactly the type of work we do and support. Social entrepreneurs and social impact organizations are the GAME CHANGERS we need in this world!!

Are you looking to accelerate the growth of your social impact start up? Henderson names some programs that may be of some interest to you!

Unreasonable Institute in Boulder Colorado: Once a year they bring together 25 entrepenuers from all over the globe to meet for six weeks. They receive training from world-class mentors and build lasting relationships to help build their businesses. They are given investment funds, legal and design advice, as well as an opportunity to pitch to hundreds of potential investors or partners. This is a great program for those just getting started and looking to learn from experienced professionals who already excel at what they do.  The opportunity to collaborate and learn from other social entrepreneurs is so valuable because the problems facing humanity cannot be solved by one person or organization. It requires people working together towards one common goal.

Civic Accelerator in Atlanta, Georgia: They announced this year that the Points of Light Institute’s Civic Incubator program is expanding to launch one of the first accelerators focused on social entrepreneurs. They act as a catalyst for entrepreneurs who are launching new ventures aimed at inspiring, equipping, and mobilizing people to affect positive change. More information about the program will be coming in a few weeks. This is a valuable program for entrepreneurs who are dedicated to making a positive change in the world because they offer peer support, mentoring, education, networking, and funding.

MassChallenge in Boston, Massachusetts: The largest start-up accelerator and competition that identifies the world’s most promising high-impact start-up companies. The challenge offers a chance to win $1 Million in cash prizes while connecting entrepreneurs to expert mentors. Participants are provided free office space on the Boston Harbor as well as funding, legal advice, customers, media opportunities and potential investors. The MassChallenge is an affiliate of the Startup America Partnership.  This serves as a great opportunity for social-impact start-ups to be part of a community of like-minded people who strive for a change in the world.

Henderson’s the question “What do you think about the social entrepreneur trend, and how are you planning on taking advantage of it?”

I think this trend is exactly what we need to turn our economy around and make our world a better place.  Companies need to be socially responsible and think twice about the impact they have on the communities, and environment around them.  Companies should be continuously searching for new ways to improve the lives of those around them. Through collaborating with others who share the same vision success can be achieved. The internet serves as a great medium for social impact because its reach is unlimited. Here at Worldways we have taken advantage of this by stressing the importance of social impact and working with clients who strive to make a difference. Our mission is to help those whose goal is to help others.