Mark Marosits here, posting from the conference. Here are some ideas from the USF Social Marketing Conference:

Rowena Merritt kicked off the opening plenary of the event with hopes that it would bring to light new and creative ways for social marketing to change the world for the better. Since I have been living that premise for most of my career, and watching it work, she had my attention. So, I spent the day listening to what my brilliant colleagues had to say, and here are 10 world-changing ideas:

  1. From Adewale Troutman: Social marketing can spark a new national social justice movement, that’s what will advance equity. It takes risk. But there can’t be freedom without risk.
  2. From Phillip Kotler: Social marketing can help close the growing disparities in wealth and income. Make capitalism work for the good of all.
  3. From Lynda Bardfield: Social marketing can advance gender transformation; help the world behave radically differently toward women and girls.
  4. From Craig Lefebvre: Social marketing can create happiness! Support global initiatives to cultivate happiness, it’s a measure of a society’s health.
  5. From Melissa Howard and Erin Largo-Wight: Diversify workforce and teach cultural competency to make your organization better able to promote equity. Use social marketing to create the program.
  6. From Mahmooda Khalique Pasha: The prospects for an infant’s survival begin with the first embrace, market timely clinical care paired with immediate infant/mother physical connection.
  7. From Nancy Lee:  Create legions of social marketing savvy message-bearers and game-changers, when you have a social solution…mobilize many to make it work.
  8. From Jay Kassirer: Join the iSMA, the International Social Marketing Association. (After all, if this crowd can’t change world, who can?)
  9. From Mike Newton-Ward: (By his constant example) Use social media for social good, if you see something good, share something good.
  10. And my own: Scale the pursuit of equity. Use social marketing to accelerate the adoption of socially transformative policies and practices that give everyone a fair shot at social well being.