Mark Marosits

co-Founder & Senior Strategist

Mark is co-founder & Senior Strategist, an engaged leader in national social marketing and social enterprise communities. He’s an expert in the field of health behavior change. When Mark is not at the helm of Worldways projects, you’ll find him messing around in boats on Narragansett Bay, out on skis, or listening to the blues. See complete founder profile.

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Maureen Cronin


She founded Worldways, and continues to break new ground as a creative communication and social enterprise leader. She’s an innovator in marketing social impact. As Chair of Newport’s Tree and Open Space Commission, and Tree Society member, she “leaves” nothing to chance when it comes to environmental protection and sustainability.

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Quesi Smith

Web Developer

Quesi is an innovative Web Developer with degrees in Software Engineering and Computer Programming, and experience solving complex challenges. When Quesi isn’t building top-of-the-line websites and coding, you can find him working on his photography skills and air drumming to his favorite music. We’re also told he makes the best homemade curry around!

Brigid Corcoran

Account Coordinator

Brigid began as an intern at Worldways, and is now an Account Coordinator. She has a degree in Public Relations, and is an experienced communicator and writer. Outside of work, she is a donut enthusiast and frequently brings them to the office. Don’t worry, she tries to balance her love of donuts with hiking the high peaks in the Adirondack Mountains!

Ashlie Fastino

Administrative Coordinator

Ashlie, our savvy Administrative Coordinator, is a communicator with a degree in English and Journalism. She’s experienced keeping projects on time and budget. When Ashlie isn’t at the office or star-struck by her dog; you can catch her at the beach, traveling the world, snapping great photos and enjoying Mexican food.

Christina Micela

Digital Marketing Manager

A digital media wiz, Christina is the Digital Marketing Manager at Worldways. Christina has a degree in Media Communications, and experience across all social platforms. She likes to spend her free time exploring the great outdoors. Christina also has a secret recipe for her family’s “famous sauce” (which she will not disclose with the team) much to our dismay.

Alyssa Felix

Web Developer

Alyssa, a dynamic Web Developer at Worldways, has a degree in Web Technology and builds some pretty remarkable websites. Alyssa lives her free time life on the edge (literally) while climbing mountains with friends, and riding dirt bikes. When she isn’t feeling quite as adventurous she loves doing DIY projects, and snacking on salt and vinegar chips.

Matt Willett

Creative Lead & Visual Media Designer

Matt is a gifted Visual Media Designer and Creative Lead at Worldways. He has degrees in Visual Design & Letterform, and in Graphic Design. Matt’s experience is broad-ranging. When he’s not designing, he’s engrossed in technology and art history, or using his unique talent of hand-making books (yes, we all want copies), binging on Netflix, or unwinding at a concert.

Briana Ferraioli

Visual Media Designer

Briana is an inspired Visual Media Designer with a degree in Graphic Design & Digital Media, and experience with impactful design. Not only is she creative, but she also loves a good live concert. This Rhode Island native has a passion for yoga, and can probably teach us a thing or two; we’re still trying to convince her to give the team a demo.

Lauren Lisitano

Account Manager

Lauren, is an experienced Account Manager for major projects. She lights up a room in her fashionable vintage attire, paired with her award-winning smile. Her hobbies include going out to dinner, binging on the latest TV shows and soaking up the sun at the beach. Lauren has a degree in English Communications, and is a strong advocate for the oxford comma.

Jen Reid


Jen, a bold and enthusiastic Consultant uses her degrees in Health Promotion and Health Behavior Science to focus primarily on family health. As an avid runner, Jen lives life in the fast lane and keeps us all on our toes. When she isn’t running marathons or managing extensive projects, she loves spending time with her family, pets and friends (especially us).

Rose Kenyon

Account Coordinator

We’ve always wondered where all of the goldfish go at the office (the snack, not the fish). Now we know: this Account Coordinator eats goldfish as a hobby. Rose has a degree in Environmental and Sustainability Studies and Communication, and broad client experience. She’s taught English in China, loves DIY projects, the beach, and a good grilled cheese.

Ashley Smith

Social Media Coordinator

Ashley’s work as a Social Media Coordinator is supported by her degree in English Creative Writing and Literature. She believes in working for social justice for all women, and people of color. She is also a huge fan of the arts, with a background in ballet, pottery and the violin. She also writes poetry and loves spending time with her dogs.

Are You an Innovator?

Worldways occasionally has full and part time staff openings, and we look for new partners in our global professional network. If you are an innovative professional in the fields of social marketing, behavior change, Web design, social media, graphic design, or copywriting with a passion for social good, introduce yourself.

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