Worldways Social Marketing is a full‐service agency with global reach exclusively serving organizations working to improve the physical, social, economic and environmental well‐being of individuals and communities throughout the world. Worldways was founded in 1996 as a social enterprise, and is currently independently certified by the non‐profit organization B‐Lab as one of about 2000 B Corporations globally, and one of just five in Rhode Island. Since becoming a B‐Corp, we have used B‐Corp standards to evaluate our positive social impact, and to set our goals for delivering ever‐increasing value.

Worldways was first evaluated by B‐Lab in 2015. At that time, a score of 80 or higher was required for B‐ Corp Certification. Worldways scored 106. Results can be found at

Worldways set a goal of achieving a B‐Lab score of 125 at the time of our 2017 recertification, a number which we hope will place us in the top 10% of B‐Corps around the world.

 Annual Social and Environmental Impact Indicators

In 2016 Worldways provided $375,000+ in pro‐bono, discounted fee for service and/or cash contributions to 18+ organizations.

The intended impact of this contribution is fourfold:

  • To create access to our social impact marketing services that social good organizations would otherwise be unable to access.
  • To fund innovation in collaboration with social good organizations that can be leveraged by them and/or others.
  • To improve the ability of our social good clients to achieve specific population health and/or other objectively defined outcomes.
  • To improve the quality of life and opportunity for individuals in our local community.

The following organizations received pro‐bono or other contribution: Broadway District, Child and Family, City of Newport, Delaware Division of Public Health, Delaware Healthy Mother and Infant Consortium, Dorcas International Institute of Rhode Island, East Bay Community Action Program, Jamestown Arts Center, Louisiana Project LAUNCH, Neighborhood Health Stations, Newport Health Equity Zone, Newport Opera House, Rhode Island Land Trust Council, Social Enterprise Greenhouse, South County Health Equity Zone, Tech Collective, and the University of Rhode Island’s Harrington School of Communication and Media.

The following innovations were funded: public health information/content delivery platform; community engagement platform for university events.

The following social impacts affected by Worldways work were actively tracked via independent evaluation: changes in disparities in Delaware’s infant mortality rate; increases in the number of out‐of‐work Rhode Islanders who entered training and were hired in new tech careers; increases in the numbers of people participating in Rhode Island’s Land Trust Days; achievement of key metrics supplied by the Rhode Island Department of Health to its Health Equity Zone grantees. Data on these initiatives is available through the respective organizations.

The following quality of life improvements were affected by Worldways work: increase in access to social service programs, increased access to arts and culture events, increase access to culturally‐ relevant online health resources, increased awareness of the ideas, initiatives and behaviors that will promote health equity, and increased access to career opportunities.

In previous years, Worldways made modest gains in improving our environmental impact, reducing energy use by about 15% and increasing recycling by changing waste vendors, enabling more frequent, higher volume recycling. Plans were made for decreasing our carbon footprint by reducing air travel volume by 8‐12% in 2017. This is a more significant reduction than achieved in prior year. In previous years, Worldways made a vendor/supply chain switch in which we moved our direct mail/fulfillment services to a local enterprise that creates career opportunities for workers who are abled differently. Plans were made to evaluate vendor/supply chain in at least one major area of expenditure in 2017 and evaluate shift of business and/or vendor social impact coaching. In previous year, Worldways maintained vendor and supply chain relationships with locally‐owned, values aligned businesses‐such as obtaining translation services from Pinpoint Translation, a division of Dorcas International‐a nonprofit serving Rhode Island’s immigrant and refugee community.

Worldways will receive an updated B‐Corporation evaluation in 2018 and results will be shared via our social media channels once posted.

Specific questions may be addressed to Worldways’ co‐founders Maureen Cronin and Mark Marosits