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Worldways was a social impact marketing agency before anyone coined the term. We’ve completed over 1000 social marketing campaigns and projects spanning health behavior change, public health, the environment, social services, community development, and education on behalf of nonprofits, government agencies and socially responsible brands. If you help people, we’ll help you. We’ll take your side. Let our agency take your social cause to the next level!

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Helping You Create Social Change

What does social change look like for your organization, your community, your world? Social marketing will get you there, faster. Social marketing campaigns, insightful strategy and capacity-building help nonprofits and other “do good” organizations do better.


Inspirational strategic planning and branding consultation for nonprofits and social enterprises.

Training &

Motivational and skill-building workshops, training and executive coaching for social change leaders.


Social marketing and behavior change campaigns for health, environment and economic opportunity.


Social Impact & Innovation Blog

Imagine and create a future of positive social change! These social marketing case studies, changemaker interviews and tools can help change the “future of us”.

Best for the World.
Best for Rhode Island.

Worldways has been named a Best for the World organization by B-Lab, and is a Best for Rhode Island top honoree. We are a Rhode Island marketing firm with global reach. We thank our clients, colleagues and funders for their inspiration!

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How can we help? We’re virtually connected to everywhere in the world via Skype, Google Hangouts, Slack and other technologies. If you’re closer to us, let’s grab coffee at Empire, Olgas, White Electric, or Dunkin, of course. Email Worldways co-founder Mark Marosits 

Also, stay connected with us for new tools, thought leader interviews and innovative case studies in marketing social impact.

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Social media is a brilliant addition to the world of social marketing. Learn how we feel social media comes into play in social impact campaigns. #socialmedia #socialmarketing #socialimpact

Social Marketing vs. Social Media…are they the same? Short answer is no. But, they do work together! Learn about the difference in our blog.